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Precision Machining

A one-stop-shop for all of your machining and fabrication needs. With over thirty years of combined experience, our in-house designers are equipped with the right expertise and tools to create any custom machining solution. 


Precision Machining 

Reverse Engineering

Production Machining


​We provide our customers with the highest levels of service, quality and communication, no matter the size of the project.


Our scalable production machining processes allow us to manage demand fluctuations. Quality plans are developed for each and every production part to ensure customer quality requirements are met, including production part approval process (PPAP) and statistical process control charts (SPC).


Equipped with CNC machines for milling and turning capabilities as well as conventional machining to .001'' tolerance. Common materials we process include: alloy steels, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, brass/bronze, and plastics.

Other capabilities include: 

  • 3-D machining (including 4th axis)

  • Solidworks and 3-D design capabitiltes 

  • Machining centers and CAM programming software

  • Reverse engineering utilizing laser FARO arm scanner​

  • Prototype design 

Download our line card here.
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